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License Agreement
Please read the following license agreement carefully before using this program. By accepting the agreement, you are agreeing to become the user and expressing your complete acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this license agreement.  If you do not accept the terms of the agreement, do not install the program. Similarly, use of the program implies your acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license agreement. This license agreement represents the entire agreement between the user and EMRgence, LLC (hereinafter EMRgence). The acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement does not confer any rights of ownership not specified in the present agreement over the program belonging to EMRgence.

License Grant
EMRgence grants the user the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use this platform and documentation. You acknowledge that you are acquiring only a limited nonexclusive license to use the software and the computer programs contained therein (the "Software"), and the accompanying User Documentation, as authorized in this License Agreement (the "License"). EMRgence remains the sole owner of all right, title and interest in the Software platform and in any copies of it.

(a) You may access the Software platform from any computer owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by you.  Your original license will allow concurrent access and use of the platform by five (5) Users.  If you require additional concurrent User accesses, you may purchase additional licenses in Multi-User 5-packs.

(b) You agree that you will not assign, sublicense, transfer, pledge, lease, rent, or share your rights under the License.

Intellectual Property
This program, as well as any corresponding documentation or information, is the exclusive property of EMRgence and/or its suppliers of software. EMRgence or its suppliers of software own all intellectual property rights and copyrights pertaining to the program, documentation or any other product given to the user by EMRgence as part of this agreement. The acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement does not confer any rights over the program belonging to EMRgence or its software suppliers.

The program is protected by copyright laws, and patents, in addition to the dispositions of laws and treaties applicable to the protection of intellectual property rights.

The user may give EMRgence any information about the functioning of the program, problems and improvements that the user may consider necessary. These reports can be used by EMRgence for any purpose, without the user's consent or any obligation, financial or otherwise, on the part of EMRgence to the user.

Data Collection Technology
EMRgence informs the user that in certain products it may use data collection technology to collect technical information to improve the product to provide associated services, to adapt them to user preferences and to prevent the unlicensed or illegal use of the product. The user accepts that EMRgence may use such information as part of the services provided in relation to the product, and that he/she may receive marketing information. The user acknowledges and accepts that EMRGENCE may provide updates or additions to the software which automatically download to his/her computer.

EMRgence will not be held responsible by any person or entity regarding any damage or loss allegedly caused by the use or inability to use the program, either directly or indirectly, including (but not limited to) business interruptions, monetary loss or loss of anticipated income as a result of the use of the program.

The program is provided as is, and no claims will be accepted concerning failure to fulfill presumed functions. EMRgence does not guarantee that the program is error free, or that it will function without interruption.

The user is responsible for the use of the program by others. The user accepts responsibility for any losses and/or damages and costs arising from any incompatibility between this program or updates thereof and any third-party software that the user has installed on his/her computer as well as any other problems that may arise due to the interaction between both programs, or for code strings that coincide.

The user knows and accepts, under his/her own responsibility, that due to the modifications that malware cause in files they infect, it is possible that the disinfection process could produce unforeseen changes to these files or cause them to be deleted.

The user recognizes that the program, documentation and/or any other information or material provided by EMRgence is confidential information belonging to EMRgence. Given the proprietary nature of the platform, the user agrees not to reveal to third parties any information regarding this program, documentation and/or any other information or material provided by EMRgence, without written permission from EMRgence. The platform is confidential information and the user must protect it as such. In the case of business users, the user agrees to establish with those employees with access to the program, documentation and/or any other information or material provided by EMRgence, the warnings and documentation necessary to ensure that the confidentiality requirements are met. The user is not permitted to make copies of the platform.

Other Restrictions
The user agrees not to lend, rent, lease, give away, donate or transfer the software platform in any way. The user may not transfer the rights granted by means of this license agreement. It is not permitted to decompile, reverse-engineer or disassemble wholly or partially this program unless such activity is expressly permitted by applicable legislation.

You may discontinue your access to the platform at any time. This License Agreement will continue to apply to all past use of the platform by you, even if you are no longer using it. You acknowledge and agree that EMRgence and its affiliates may terminate or block your use of all or part of the platform without prior notice for any reason, including, without limitation, if EMRgence believes you have engaged in conduct prohibited by this License Agreement. You agree that upon termination or discontinuance for any reason, we may delete all information related to you on the platform and may bar your access to the EMRgence platform and the use of its services.

The present agreement is governed by Florida state law and in the event of any doubt or disagreement about its interpretation or effects; the only competent authority will be the Florida Courts of Justice. Both parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them. If any litigation should arise, it must be settled in a court of law located within the confines of Lee County, Florida, USA.

The user authorizes personnel appointed by EMRgence to visit him/.her in order to verify that the conditions of this license are met.

The user knows and accepts that EMRgence may take legal proceedings should the user not adhere to this agreement. EMRgence reserves the right to terminate the present license agreement automatically without prior notice should the user fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the present agreement.

If any provision in this agreement is against the law, that provision will be considered void, without affecting the totality of the agreement or implying that the agreement is void.

EMRgence expressly reserves all other rights it may have and that are not herein granted to the user.

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