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Who Is EMRgence?

Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, EMRgence, LLC specializes in the development and deployment of Electronic Medical Record and Billing software that embraces the ongoing and ever changing needs of the busy medical professional.  Serving the industry with web-based applications, EMRgence presents real solutions for today's complex medical processes.

Delivering on its premises of innovation and competition, our intellectual property holding company, Digital LoudMouth, Inc., continues to expand its technology into new markets and new market segments.  DLM has exciting new suites of modules created to encompass all critical features of busy legal, business and medical offices, and to advance the document access and management functions into the world of a paperless, electronic environment. 

The newest module, created especially for EMRgence, is the dynamic Electronic Medical Records application for the healthcare professional.  With its easy desktop usage, the system is designed to become an integral part of the medical office's record keeping process.  And if mobility is an issue for your professionals, the utilization of Tablet PCs or even iphones, will arm them will full access to the operating system from anywhere, anytime.

From product development to sales and marketing, training and technical support, every EMRgence employee is thoroughly dedicated to customer satisfaction. And, unlike many other software vendors, EMRgence is not a second party vendor of another company's product. We have an absolute vested interest in our products and the satisfaction of our customers.


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