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Electronic Medical Records:  BACK
Medical practices that are still using paper charts, and collecting and storing enormous amount of paper files, could be shortchanging their businesses.  The EMRgence electronic medical record system is a real-time, point-of-care, patient specific application that any medical office can use to easily store information, maintain physicians' notes, prescription data, images, voice files, medical charts, diagnosis, and much more.  With all data in one central location, searching for and finding specific information takes just a few keystrokes. 

Did you know that 30% of time in an office is spent handling paper?  And that 7.5% of that paper is lost forever?  Did you know that the average cost of creating a patient file is $21.00?  This doesn't include the time spent searching for and retrieving files, re-filing after use, or the time and effort to re-create lost records. 

Stop wasting valuable time and money.  Put your professional staff to better use, and save a few trees at the same time.  Living in a paperless environment will simplify your workday.  Let EMRgence show you how!

Multi User / Facility Scheduling: BACK
We all know how important a calendar is to the medical professional.  Patient appointments occur and change on a day to day, and sometimes hour to hour basis.  The EMRgence system allows 24 hour remote access to its calendar, and is formatted so that each service provider can view not only his/her individual daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, but those of any other office provider. 

The multi facility feature allows for appointments to be scheduled on one master calendar, but be identified specifically by facility location.  Appointments may also be double booked if desired by the practice.

Any notes added to a patient's appointment may be viewed with a simple rollover of the mouse.  The calendar also permits direct access to the client/patient master portfolio for review and/or update as required.

The calendar is updated immediately upon the change of patient appointment statuses and colored coded for ease of viewing and recognition.  When patient status is changed to arrived, a patient encounter file is automatically established and prepopulated with the appointment specifics.

Detailed User Dashboards: BACK
Why waist time having to access numerous screens or programs, when all you have to do is utilize your personal dashboard.  The dashboard is a place where the service provider or office staff member can view all of his or her current daily office activities in one catch-all location.  With the click of a button, the user can view the following continuously updated information:

Any messages or to do items sitting on a user's dashboard can be edited and/or forwarded to any other user in the EMRgence system for follow-up or handling.  In addition, text messages can be sent to any provider or staff member's cell phones directly from the dashboard. 

Appointment Reminder Calls: BACK
How much time does your office staff spend calling patients to remind them of upcoming appointments…1 hour a day, maybe 2?  Wouldn't you rather utilize that time more productively?  The EMRgence system has a built in automated reminder calling process that will do all of the work for you.  You provide us with a verbal or written script and tell us when you want the calls to be made.  We install the information into your system, turn on the process, and let EMRgence do the rest.

Electronic Prescriptions:  BACK
To stimulate action in the electronic medical record arena, the Bush administration and major players in the e-health community are promoting electronic prescribing as an achievable step toward full electronic operability.  Health plans and insurers are backing theses efforts as a way to prevent medication errors, and pharmacy organizations recognizing those states with the highest e-prescribing volumes.

EMRgence gives the provider access to a password protected prescription environment, where prescriptions can be electronically signed and emailed directly to specified pharmacies or refill locations. When prescribing, the provider also has immediate access to drug lookup and interface databases if required. 

Medical Billing:  BACK
EMRgence has developed a dynamic, robust billing system as part of its EMR platform.
Because patient information is so dynamic, a fully integrated system (one that combines medical billing, scheduling, and electronic medical records) offers broader access to patient information and eliminates redundant data entry. The EMRgence patient demographic files and practice management tools combine to provide a powerful foundation for the encounter development and billing process. From the automatic creation of patient encounters, to the ability to effectively handle referrals, authorizations, multiple service providers and facilities, multiple procedure and diagnosis codes, modifiers, insurance and patient billings, the EMRgence billing process is a comprehensive engine.

EMRgence has partnered with ZirMed, a national clearinghouse that features a secure, Web-based interface for fast claims submission and tracking with connections to over 2,000 payers nationwide.  With ZirMed, your claims and billing processes are executed, tracked, and controlled with optimal precision and effectiveness, while your practice workflow gains new levels of efficiency. The electronic eligibility, remittance and print services combine with claims processing to create a fully integrated service.  As a result, the practice is able to focus on what matters most: its patients.

Document Management: BACK
EMRgence has a full-featured Document Management System (DMS). You can store any type of file in the DMS, and the most common types of files have the ability to be indexed, and therefore become searchable. PDFs, Images, Word & Excel Documents, Openoffice Documents, Web, and XML Documents may all be indexed by the DMS. This allows for easy file retrieval later.

It is also possible to store files in Collections. This allows for file organization similar to the most common method used in Windows, Linux, and any other operating system using a common file system. Images, PDFs, and Text files may also be previewed with thumbnails while browsing any category.

The DMS allows for file versioning and editing control. This means that if a user checks out a file, no one else can edit that file until it is checked back in. Also, you can roll back to a previous version of a file at any time if you need to retrieve lost information or just don't like the way your changes are going.
The DMS currently allows for Access Control Lists for all types of objects. You can assign or restrict access to users based on a per-user and per-group basis.

24/7 Remote Access:  BACK
Remote access is the ability to log onto a network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any distant location. Whereas remote control refers to taking control of another computer, remote access means that the remote computer actually becomes a full-fledged host on the network. The remote access software dials in directly to the network server.

In a physician's primary office, staff at satellite offices or providers at external facilities may need access to the physician's primary network. The EMRgence server will act as the remote access server and includes the associated software that is set up to handle users seeking access to the network remotely. Sometimes called a communication server, the remote access server includes a firewall server to ensure security and a router that can forward the remote access request to another part of the physician's network.

This connectivity allows access from anywhere, anytime with any computer or Tablet PC and an internet connection.  You can even access the system from your iphone!

Imagine the power of having vital patient information at your fingertips in just seconds.  Arm yourselves with the tools to handle those emergency calls stat!

Data & Voice File Storage:  BACK
Stop collecting paper and old tape recordings!  Let the EMRgence system collect them for you.  With a document management system in place, files, records, forms, letters, and any other types of written or voice documentation can be stored and tracked electronically and forever eliminate the need for file folders and cabinets bulging with reams of paper.  Our system will provide storage, security, indexing and retrieval capabilities for not only your written documents, but all applicable wav and voice files as well.  

Whether formalized or informal, based on a computer system or performed manually, most offices need some sort of system to address questions related to managing documents including: Where will we keep them? How much can we afford to store them and for how long? How do we organize them? How will we retrieve files? How do we protect against the loss, tampering or destruction of them? How do we keep sensitive information hidden?

In order to provide more efficient and cost effective answers to these questions, a DMS may be what you're seeking. Visit the document management section of the site to learn more about what the EMRgence DMS system can do for you.

Disaster Recovery Plan: BACK
EMRgence will ensure that your files are protected, backed up on a daily basis, and replicated in Secure Co-Location Data Centers throughout the U.S.  The EMRgence Data Center Specifications are as follows:

Your company's data is critical to your operation.  Don't leave it to chance.  EMRgence will ensure that your business records will be protected and accessible no matter what Mother Nature may deliver.