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Practice Analysis & Consultation:  BACK
Are you spending way too much effort setting up patient folders?  How about all the time spent on calls to remind patient's of appointments, or calls to insurance carriers to verify coverage?  Is everyone in the office always stressed or so busy that they can't get everything done?  Does it seem like your office just doesn't run as efficiently as you think it should, or wish it could?  Let us help.

EMRgences' dedicated representatives will come into your practice and perform a thorough analysis of your everyday workflow, keeping at the forfront, your highlighted areas of concern.  Once complete, we will define and discuss any areas that we feel may be causing a strain on your practice, and will offer several viable solutions to meet your needs.  EMRgence will then assist you in the seamless implementation of any selected solutions, and provide you with ongoing training and customer support second to none.

ROI Calculations:  BACK
Did you know that 30% of time in the office is spent handling paper?  And that 7.5% of that paper is lost forever?  The average company spends $20.00 in labor to file a document, $120.00 to search for a lost of missing document and $250.00 to recreate that lost document.  Think about this the next time you ask your staff member to find a document!

These numbers may seem crazy to you, or at the very least exaggerated.  Let us show you with "real" numbers, yours, and see for yourself.  Based upon a few simple questions, we will show you where some of the large cost dollars reside within your practice, and empower you with the opportunity to cut those costs by 20, 30 or even 50 percent.  Stop wasting valuable time and money.  Put your professional staff to better use, and save a few trees at the same time. 

Installation & Training:  BACK
EMRgence takes pride in its customer-driven philosophy of not leaving any job unfinished.  EMRgence will provide complete installation of your EMR system at our secured Data Centers, and assist with connectivity implementation at your practice location(s).  When you're ready, our training specialists will provide your system users with comprehensive instruction.  And because we understand that transition and learning takes time, we will be available to you for as long as it takes.

IT Maintenance, Updates & Upgrades:  BACK
Hate dealing with computer hardware and software….upgrades, updates, crashes, viruses?  EMRgence takes your worry away!  We manage all of the equipment and technology for you, safely and securely.  Your HIPAA compliant server will reside in a Secure Data Center Co-Location facility in Tampa, Florida with your data being replicated in additional Co-Location Data Centers throughout the U.S.  This redundancy assures that your information will be accessible to you 24/7. 

All systems are continuously updated and upgraded to keep pace with the ever changing healthcare industry. The upgrades are made without charge to our customers, with a complete detailed listing available in the login notification box. 

Moving your office?  Don't worry. Your practice may relocate, but your server doesn't. All you need is a computer or Tablet PC and an Internet connection to access your system.  You can even access the system from your iphone!  

Virus threats are virtually nonexistent since the EMRgence system is live in a Linux Based environment.  

Full Front and Back Office Operational Assistance:  BACK
Are you a new doctor, or have you just relocated to a new area and begun a new practice?  Are you swamped with work, and unable to find competent staff to handle the load?  EMRgence has partnered with a medical practice professional that can provide you any of the services that you may need assistance with including telephone answering, scheduling, medical billing, transcription, practice management solutions, medical business consulting, and telecommunications. All services are performed in the U.S. under one roof, with no work being outsourced overseas.  The result is that you have a single contact person to handle multiple needs that are mutually negotiated and agreed upon.

Billing Services:  BACK
Need help with your billing process? Losing earned revenues because of missed billing codes? Having trouble keeping up with all the new ICD-9's, CPT's and billing changes?

Not collecting on your receivables like you should be? Through the use of the EMRgence billing module and our experienced, professional billing partner, we can help maximize your billing efficiency as well as your income potential.  We'll let you concentrate on the job of taking care of patients, while we offer you the assurance of comprehensive professional assistance whatever your medical billing needs.

Electronic Data Migration:  BACK
Data migration is actually the translation of data from one format to another format or from one storage device to another storage device. This also necessarily requires someone or something to do the translating. The specific method used for any particular system depends entirely on the systems involved and the nature and state of the data being migrated.  Typically, data migration is performed by a set of customized programs or scripts that automatically transfer the data. Automated transfers free up human resources from the tedious task of extensive data entry and the associated entry errors.

If you are currently working in an electronic environment, EMRgence will assist in performing a data migration into your new EMRgence system. 

Paper to Electronic Data Conversion:  BACK
Still living in paper filled world?  Spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to store boxes & boxes of records?  Wasting hundreds of man hours looking for and handling patient files?  Overwhelmed by the thought of converting your office to an electronic environment?

Medical practices that are still using paper charts, and collecting and storing enormous amount of paper files, could be shortchanging their businesses.  The paperless office is now considered to be a philosophy to work with minimal paper and convert all forms of documentation to a digital format. The ideal is driven by a number of motivators including productivity gains, costs savings, space saving, the need to share information and reduced environmental impact.

The key to a successful document conversion project starts with a reasonable goal in mind, then taking the necessary steps to achieve it.  EMRgence can partner you with professional resources that will provide you with the tools and information necessary to make an informed decision about your conversion process.

Limitless Voice & Data Storage Capabilities:  BACK
Stop collecting paper and old tape recordings!  Let the EMRgence operating system collect them for you.  With a document management system in place, files, records, forms, letters, and any other types of "written" documentation can be stored and tracked electronically and forever eliminate the need for file folders and cabinets bulging with reams of paper.  Our system will provide limitless and indefinite storage, security, indexing and retrieval capabilities for not only your written documents, but all applicable wav and voice files as well.  

Backup and Redundancy Plans:  BACK
EMRgence will ensure that your files are protected, backed up on a daily basis, and replicated in Secure Co-Location Data Centers throughout the U.S.  The EMRgence Data Center Specifications are as follows:

Your company's data is critical to your operation.  Don't leave it to chance.  EMRgence will ensure that your business records will be protected and accessible no matter what Mother Nature may deliver.